You can watch the daily Arctic ice retreat and advance here, Where is Bethel’s… ice pack

Fortunately, a new animated gif (“movie”) has been created to enable us to see in a brief moment the cause of the melt-rush this year.

Arctic ice melt by September 29, 2007click image to view the actual animated map

For further information, please contact:
Jinlun Zhang Phone: 206-543-5569 E-mail: zhang=apl~washington~edu
Given the interest in the rapid retreat of arctic sea ice in summer 2007, the Polar Science Center, Applied Physics Laboratory at University of Washington announces the online availability of a new movie that shows both model-simulated ice thickness and satellite-observed ice extent from June to September 2007.

The movie is available at:
http://psc.apl.washington.edu/zhang/IDAO/summer2007_arctic_seaice.gif The movie is part of the NSF-funded project Projections of an Ice-Diminished Arctic Ocean: Retrospection and Future Projection, which aims to (1) examine the historical evolution of the arctic ice-ocean system to understand the large-scale changes that have occurred in sea ice and the upper Arctic Ocean, and (2) project a diminished arctic sea-ice cover under multiple warming scenarios to understand key linkages among atmospheric forcing, sea-ice processes, and oceanic processes in an ice-diminished Arctic Ocean and the adjacent seas. The development of the model, the Pan-Arctic ice-ocean modeling and assimilation system, has also been supported by NASA.

For further information about Projections of an Ice-Diminished Arctic Ocean: Retrospection and Future Projection, please go to: http://psc.apl.washington.edu/zhang/IDAO/

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