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Blog Action Day is October 15, 2007 for the environment.

One of my clan forebears watched spiders thoughtfully. If E-mail the Governor doesn’t work to initiate action on erosion, preparedness, biocultural science, maybe a network will.

tundra spider in Bonsai spruce

This little spider made a home in the spruce which has been sitting on the porch all summer. The spruce is about 5 years in the pot, maybe 10 – 15 years old. Yes, that’s late first snow out the window.

repairing the subsistence trap

repairing the subsistence trap

This tree is “bonsaied” and during the season of not summer, must be watered daily at the sink. Yesterday the spider attached a corner outside the tree. I scooped her up and placed her back in the tree, where she quickly restored the setting. The tree comes from the mountains. These are imported annually by Dave Trantham for the elders and for later transplantation around Bethel.

tundra spider

There are lots of different kinds and colors of spiders, mostly small, on the tundra. The neighbor kids are afraid but I remind them spiders kill mosquitoes and should be spared. Mushrooms are another fascinating and varied tiny resident of the tundra.

The only other place with so many tiny spiders was El Llaño / Española / Okay-Oweenge Pueblo, just under the nightlight in my bathroom. The spiders were white, about the size of a small pinhead and smaller. Their catch was even smaller flying things.

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