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CIDRAP which has been recommended before points to a new effort of the US government to get local governments busy participating in community preparedness.

HHS offers tools to promote local pandemic preparedness, http://www.cidrap.umn.edu/cidrap/content/influenza/panflu/news/dec0407toolkit2.html

He said the gap between what public health experts know and what the public knows about pandemic planning is still very large, and more work is needed, particularly on community mitigation efforts that may be needed in a severe pandemic, such as school closures and student dismissals.

One component that seems to be missing from the HHS toolkit is a plan for distributing it to community leaders who are well positioned to use the materials, Dworkin said. “As of right now, they are available online, but who knows about them? How will community leaders, school boards, and others learn about their existence?” he asked.

Answer: readers please talk this up among your tribal councils and churches. Maybe eventually the school districts and regional hubs (such as Bethel) will get busy.

HHS pandemic planning toolkit for community leaders

Talking Points Fact Sheets
Pandemic Flu Preparedness (PDF – 53.05 KB) Pandemic Flu Basics (PDF – 59.75 KB)
How to Get Your Peers Involved (PDF – 58.56 KB) Community-Based Interventions (PDF – 51.42 KB)

Checklists Sample Newsletter Articles
Pandemic Flu Preparedness (PDF – 64.29 KB) Pandemic Flu Preparedness (PDF – 44.54 KB)
Stocking Food and Supplies (PDF – 65.27 KB) Stocking Food and Supplies (PDF – 67.04 KB)
Food and Supplies Drive (PDF – 66.72 KB) Good Health Habits (PDF – 55.05 KB)
How to Get Involved (PDF – 45.5 KB)
Sample E-mails
Pandemic Flu Preparedness (PDF – 46.71 KB) Posters
Stocking Food and Supplies (PDF – 65.27 KB) Cover Your Cough (PDF – 90.72 KB)
Good Health Habits (PDF – 46.96 KB) Food Drive Template (PDF – 51.8 KB)
How to Get Involved (PDF – 45.15 KB)
‘Chain’ E-mail (PDF – 50.39 KB)

Incentive Ideas (PDF – 49.2 KB)
Links to Internet Resources (PDF – 47.93 KB)

Complete ‘Take the Lead’ Toolkit (PDF – 377.34 KB)”

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