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According to a brief news item last Friday on KYUK radio, Gov. Sarah Palin may be in Bethel on Thursday, 2008 January 10 deadline, with the Commissioner of Public Safety. I can’t find the scheduling on the Governor’s website. If she is here with the Commissioner of Public Safety, maybe it is to discuss state takeover of Bethel policing, now just three cops. The state took over about 12 years ago when the entire police department were stood down. Members of the City Council are proposing to bring in rotating police equivalents for hire from elsewhere, much in the way of our transient health providers. It has some merit, not for community policing but for sweeps.

On Wednesday the 9th, the Lt Governor Sean Parnell is supposed to speak to the Chamber of Commerce luncheon, moved up to Wednesday at the old Diane’s Cafe.

The last time the Governor was scheduled was last April but a broken plane kept her in Nome (inaugural ball the previous evening) and the commercial flight goes back to Anchorage. A public hearing was also scheduled on AGIA (gas pipeline proposal) with 3 day notice for that same Palm Sunday morning, a guarantee that only the DNR Commissioner would be present.

(Even as far back as Gov. Knowles, there has been a need for a public involvement coordinator in the governor’s office. Public involvement is a technical field, to secure genuine public involvement in our government’s actions. It is not public relations but a measurable scientific technique. Unless one really doesn’t want public involvement. But inadequate public involvement always results, eventually, in added unnecessary expense, aggravation, and bad project design and implementation.)

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