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Testing confirms Seinfeld phobia: Double dippers turn dip into bacterial soup
Canoe.ca – Toronto,Ontario,Canada
By Helen Branswell, Medical Reporter, THE CANADIAN PRESS

Seems the famous Seinfeld episode was right – double-dipping does transfer mouth microbes…

The research was done under Clemson’s creative inquiry program, which teaches undergraduates how to conduct research while encouraging outside-the-box thinking.

Teams made up of students at various points in an undergraduate degree set out to explore interesting ideas, often producing scientific journal-worthy results in the process.

(An earlier effort by Dawson’s students tested the five-second theory** – the notion that no significant transfer of germs occurs if dropped food is retrieved immediately. Their conclusion? You may move fast, but microbes move faster.)

read the disgusting details here

** in England this is related to the “jambootie law” — the jambootie cookie always falls jam side down.