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We’re fortunate we are behind (north of) the Ring of Fire but that doesn’t leave us impervious. I’m not sure what effect the loss of ice on the Arctic Ocean or on land may do in the future as the Earth’s surface adjusts. But for now, pay attention to the alerts and Be Prepared. When in Anchorage, read the emergency directions in each hotel’s telephone book.

For the alert map for the Pacific, see Where is… Bethel’s Tsunami

Governor Sarah Palin is asking coastal residents in Alaska to make sure they’re prepared for a potential tsunami. She’s declared this week “Tsunami Awareness Week” to mark the anniversary of the largest earthquake ever recorded in North America. The nine point two magnitude earthquake hit on Good Friday, 1964 and was followed by a series of deadly tsunamis.

Lori Townsend, APRN – Anchorage (mp3)

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