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University of Alaska Fairbanks has an interim chancellor, Brian Rogers, who is looking for input from the community, according to today’s Newsminer.

The process consists of 15 committees covering such topics as enrollment and sustainability. Each committee will meet during June to work on a report containing suggestions and priorities important to the committee.


Fifteen committees is a large number and there aren’t many days left in June. There will be meetings open to the public and a website to track the university’s activities, http://www.uaf.edu/transition. The community committee is organized to reflect its importance to UAF.

As just one of the 15, the community committee was further sub-divided.

university’s role in community engagement and community economic development.
Kathryn Dodge, community economic development chair, said the separation of the two topics will allow for more exploration and understanding of each topic. She also points out the need to include areas other than Fairbanks because the university has campuses in Dillingham, Kotzebue and Nome. [Also in Bethel and, scattered about, Interior Aleutians.]

Send your questions, comments, or suggestions to InterimChancellor @ uaf.edu or leave them below.

List of committees and their members–