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Just heard this project. I wish I heard it last week when I saw a ladybug, maybe in Bethel or it could have been in Anchorage. The bug was somewhat oblong, as I recall, and dark brownish-red, maybe with some black spots. The ladybug/ladybird did not have the color and shape of the (once) familiar red ones back east. I didn’t think to get a picture.

But I found this about Alaska’s ladybugs, including an anatomy diagram. The color is more like what I recall (not the bright red of the eastern ladybugs).
The species ladybug eyespot (fig. 1) eats aphids in Alaska that do significant damage to flowers and vegetables. http://www.alaska.edu/opa/eInfo/index.xml?StoryID=118

2008-07-21 Steve took a picture, here at whatdoino, Bugs, Boleta, Barbecue, and a Tacky Green Russula

Lost Ladybug Project Turns Kids Into Scientists

All Things Considered, July 5, 2008
Calling all kids! Cornell University wants you to find and photograph ladybugs. John Losey, a professor of entomology at Cornell University, hopes children will help document ladybug populations around the
country. Some native species are dwindling, while exotics are on the rise. To participate in the project, go to the Lost Ladybug Project Web site or send an e-mail to ladybug @ cornell . edu

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