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Steve over at whatdoino grabbed a great photo

of the ladybugs I mentioned earlier

Along with the ladybug, he posted a photo of what most of us would call a dragonfly or maybe a darningneedle or damselfly.

    It is a bluet, but not the flower.

    I found this out because in July 2005 I photographed a midnight visitor in Bethel.
    Alaska bluet, midnight visitor
    This stunner looks like it is made of turquoise and jet by a Pueblo artist.

    Of course, I had to find out what kind of dragonfly it was or whether it was a darningneedle (and was there a difference between darning needles, damselflies, and dragonflies?). Turns out to be a bluet. I think it is a taiga bluet.

    I had no idea that Alaska had that many related insects. Nor that our state insect isn’t the mosquito but the 4-spotted skimmer, a dragonfly.

    • Dragonflies of Alaska by John Hudson and Robert H. Armstrong is the local reference, Todd Communications, 203 W. 15th Ave. Suite 102, Anchorage, AK 99510, for $12.95. ISBN:1-57833-302-4 available at TitleWave
    • Digital Dragonflies with photos by family. This site is related to the book, A Dazzle of Dragonflies which one really needs in a natural history library. They also explain how to get those dazzling photos (flatbed scanner).
      by Forrest L. Mitchell and James L. Lasswell
      # Hardcover: 224 pages
      # Publisher: Texas A&M University Press (April 30, 2005)
      # Language: English
      # ISBN-10: 1585444596
      # ISBN-13: 978-1585444595
      # Product Dimensions: 11.2 x 8.8 x 0.8 inches

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