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for the first time, I voted in Yup'ik

for the first time, I voted in Yup'ik

For the first time since the Voting Rights Act of 1965, people have been able to read voter education materials, voter assistance materials, and voter ballot in Yup’ik, the indigenous language of Bethel.

These stickers are handed out to voters to wear to remind others to come vote. This is the first ever sticker in Yup’ik and English.

I voted early (saves money and pollution to combine errands) so Dave T., elder of renown, brought me the sticker from election day.

2008-09-04 update

Yup’ik language-assisted primaries scrutinized

The Alaska primary elections were watched for the outcome of contentious ballot measures.

But the results of an untried system to help Yup’ik speakers vote, used for the first time during the Aug. 26 primaries, are still coming in. Both sides in a lawsuit over the issue are watching those outcomes very closely[…] http://thetundradrums.com/news/story/3165

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