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[2008-09-12 Additions Sarah Palin has never been to Diomede. When not collecting per diem, Palin is Where is …. nearest US capitol]

Xerox Parc Alaska map

Before Google Earth and Terraserver and the rest was the PARC research lab of Xerox (inventor of the mouse and of GUI, I believe). They no longer run the map.

I still prefer their perspective to depict spatial relationships in many contexts. Here is plotted Fairbanks Alaska (red square), the Yukon River in Alaska, the International Dateline (purple line), and the rest of the US.

Just a step over the dateline, where it passes closest to Alaska, is Russia. Juneau is about 3 meridians east. Wasilla is about the lower west corner of the red square.

Compare Alaska to lower 48 distances

Compare Alaska to lower 48 distances

This is the best map to show the relationship of Alaska to the lower 48. National geographic has overlaid Alaska such that it demonstrates Alaska stretches from Jacksonville FL to San Francisco CA. I’ve added markers for Russia and Little Diomede, Bethel, Wasilla, and Juneau.


The National Geographic Society’s incorporation of illustration with relief cartography portrays the grandeur and uniqueness of the Alaskan landscape in relation to towns, highways, and parks. Regarded as pioneering map illustrators, the National Geographic Society frequently adopts this techniques in maps produced as part of its exploration studies. This Alaska map was included as a supplement to the May 1994 issue of the National Geographic magazine.

Location map of Diomede Alaska

Location map of Diomede Alaska

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