I just confirmed with the Anchorage regional office of the Division of Elections–

  • any registered Alaskan voter may vote anywhere (at any precinct, with or without a line)
  • your vote will be a “question ballot”
  • your vote will not be tallied for 10 days
  • your vote for any of the local issues will NOT be counted and, naturally, you cannot vote for your own local issues and candidates when voting in another precinct
  • your vote on statewide issues and candidates WILL be tallied/counted (in ten days).

Don’t be confused by “statewide””– there is no national ballot in this country so on the statewide portion of the ballot, your vote for President/Vice-President, for Senator, and for House of Representatives will be tallied.

So, if you aren’t where you should be, go vote where you can!

Election Information in:
Central Yup’ik
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Tagalog Version: (pdf)
Estado ng Alaska Aplikasyon
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2008 Estado ng Alaska
Aplikasyon ng Balotang Pang
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