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DCED location of Emmonak Alaska

DCED location of Emmonak Alaska

This is just a brief note for those looking for information about the immediate heat and food problems originally reported in the Alaska Newspapers Emmonak man seeks food airlift to combat economic crisis.

[Mr Nicholas Tucker did a great job of detailing the issues in his letter to the newspaper, another example of grassroots science in action.]

The problems are discussed at Alaska Public Radio Extreme cold forcing Emmonak residents to choose fuel over food, at Alaska Real Another village in trouble and Another Alaskan village in trouble – follow-up, and at Alaska Mudflats among other places, Hope Coming to Emmonak and Beyond?.

All have information on how blog readers can help (see the comments at each site). Celtic Diva has the latest links to where the story is discussed, AK Village of Emmonak in dire need–**UPDATE WITH AUDIO** She reminds me of the earlier, 11 December 2008, story by Ted Land posted at KTUU about Martin Moore’s effort to get help from the state. Fuel shortage, cost have village seeking state assistance

Martin Moore has been coming to a borrowed Anchorage office for the past few months, making phone calls, writing letters, and setting up meetings with state officials advocating help with his village’s high fuel costs.

As mentioned in the comments at Mudflats, there are several communities in the Wade Hampton census area also in dire straits. There was a community meeting yesterday that included these other Villages, too. I hope to have more specifics later.

In the meantime, use the site search tags below for background information.

map of Wade Hampton Census Area

map of Wade Hampton Census Area

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