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All who care about rural Alaska, follow instructions below to send your
comment to the U.S. Postal Service regarding the significant increases
in Parcel Post and Bypass Mail rates:

Deadline is 12:30 pm Alaska time on Monday! Please tell the USPS that
the proposed rate increases will cause significant hardship. Rate
increases will greatly impact all of rural Alaska. Some rural Alaskans
are struggling to buy food now and cannot afford any increases in the
Parcel Post and Bypass Mail rates which will add to the cost of
groceries. Please reduce the rate increases. Use your own words.

If you are contacting the Postal Service as an individual you can reach
the Office of Public Affairs & Government Relations via
Email: PRC-PAGR @ prc . gov
Phone: 202-789-6800
Fax: 202-789-6886
Tell the person you speak to that you “want to submit a comment to
Docket R2009-2 on postal rate changes for market dominant products.” Let
them know that you think the rate increases will be harmful to the lives
of people in rural Alaska. Say what you think in your own words.

If you represent a municipality, a village, a Native organization, a
business firm, etc., follow the instructions below to get a 10 day
account. You can get help from Annie Kennedy in Washington D.C. at
202-789-6875. She is a very helpful Consumer Relations Specialist. Try
it yourself first. Submit your comments to “Docket R2009-2” so that they
will definitely be read by the 5 people on the Commission who will make
the final decision on the USPS rate increases.

go to www.prc.gov
In the gray bar near the top click on “Filing Online.”
Click “Need an Account” in the side navigation bar.
Under the words “Filing Online Accounts” click on the blue words “Apply
Fill out the form to get a 10 day account.

You may have to go back to the Home page to login using the Username and
Password that you chose.

You will need a Document Title for anything you submit. It can be called
“Letter from __________ of (date)” or it can be a resolution or any
other document that your organization creates.

Your Document needs to contain your comments.

Remember there is help if you need it. The phone number provided above
is 4 hours ahead of our time.

Please take the time to do this, because rates are due to increase May
11th and will dramatically affect our lives in rural Alaska.

Thank you.

Jody Malus
Finance Committee
City of Bethel