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The map I posted here, Where is… transport hub of the world, is the map of current sea traffic.

From Wired magazine came this nifty map, Watch 24 Brilliant Hours of U.S. Flights. Note where Bethel is. Bethel is supposed to be Alaska’s fifth busiest airport, which shows.

Altitude: Dark colors indicate a higher altitude; lighter shades indicate takeoff and landing.
Aircraft model: Each of the 573 airplanes are represented by a unique color.
Manufacturer: Flight frequency is tracked by aircraft manufacturer.

This project was a collaboration among Aaron Koblin, FlightView and Wired Magazine.

The interactive map is available here, http://sandbox.aaronkoblin.com/projects/flightpaths/

Unfortunately, the very large cargo planes aren’t listed by model. Otherwise, Anchorage is supposed to be the busiest international cargo hub in the US. See Ted Stevens Airport & HPAI (highly pathogenic avian influenza, a.k.a., bird flu)

Map of all planes to/from Bethel

Where is Alaska's 5th busiest airport?

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Compare one by air with two by sea,

Earth's shipping lanes and network of roads map

See 2010-02,Shipping map tracks marine aliens * 13 January 2010 by Linda Geddes

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