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Alaska Airlines said it was removing pillows and blankets from all of its 114 planes, and would disinfect and sanitize all of its planes during overnight maintenance.

Now we won’t have any pillows for lumbar support to overcome the cramped seating and they’ll probably turn the heat too high to compensate for no blankets.

Bring back the antimacassar!

I always assumed pillows and blankets were disinfected regularly on planes (but nevertheless was queasy that it didn’t occur). Whole Foods doesn’t provide hand gel near the food counters or exits– a precaution to not so much to prevent illness but to remind patrons to practice safe sneezing. On the other hand, the Johnny Appleseed Trail of North Central Massachusetts, Visitor Center http://www.appleseed.org/ wipes down the doorknobs and door handles every hour as routine (they get lots of visitors per hour on the highways). Johnny Appleseed Rest Area, Massachusetts

2009-05-05 I found out yesterday that Northwest/Delta airlines does have antimacassars and free pillows and blankets for lumbar support. Food is still extra.

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