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Steve Heimel yesterday discussed on APRN.org Talk of Alaska: Holding Off Swine Flu, with Dr. Jay Butler, State Epidemiologist, Department of Health and Social Services.

http://media.aprn.org/2009/toa-20090505.mp3 Swine Flu Talk of Alaska

Their blog comments are handled by Disqus which means it is nearly impossible to participate (my browser re-draws into one pixel wide; log-ins never work; comments don’t appear) so I will post my comment here and hope it trackbacks over there.

Preparedness comes in many forms, including (or especially) accurate information for the public to decide their risk. I think creating a false sense of security about infectious diseases or flooding and erosion is worse than the emergency condition itself.

My 3 things everyone should know to prevent bird flu (pandemic flu) are * Katrina was no Girl Scout (be prepared);
* learn the words and tune to Happy Birthday (wash hands while singing two rounds of Happy Birthday or Good Morning to You, properly, in English or Yup’ik); and
* practice safe sex (which implies that one has enough respect for self and other not to abuse alcohol and drugs, too. The result is fewer chronic illnesses like untreated depression, chlamydia, TB, and hepatitis which weakens one’s immune system.) More at How to avoid swine flu H1N1, or any other, quick list, from https://ykalaska.wordpress.com/

Always ask yourself and your experts– does it make sense?
Does mass dispensing exercise prove disaster readiness
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