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2009-09-27 Feed Demon / Newsgator no longer offers a public readership library. I am in the process of converting the shared libraries to Google Reader, no easy task. This means that if you have subscribed to the newsclips offered by Newsgator (below) you must instead subscribe to the Google newsclips. Please bear with me as I get all this straightened out. At least one advantage– tags can be applied through my Feed Demon reader to the clippings making it easier to find, sort, and provide a context for the newsclip. A disadvantage– newsclips won’t be separated into separate library/museum collection and the broader grassroots science collection.

The library based at Connotea is linked in the sidebar. The Twittered and Tumblred libraries are linked there as well. I’ll eventually get all the libraries linked together. In the meantime, here is the Google Books link–turning book pages

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The following are now obsolete, but contain archived items.

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