I was sent a link to this blog entry. It is useful to have these sites in one list, subdivided by provider or subject matter.

The links I examined on this post above are legitimate and the sources they list are indeed among the top 100. [A major oversight was Sigma Xi’s Science in the News ;) ]

I don’t know who the blog site publisher is, and the author is not named, so I would be a little leery of the site overall. (I’m not sure what NFL gridiron football fan sites have to do with forensic science.) The stated purpose of the website is

Forensic Science Technician explains the required education to become a forensic science technician including schools, colleges, programs and degrees, and salary forensic science technician.

The avatar for the blog shows highly unusual forensic science equipment– not a mask or respirator and a notebook but a drawn firearm. But pencils aren’t very “sexy” for recruiting students.

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