Sun storms and pigeon racing – the results

One reader races pigeons. He originally asked about Geomagnetic storm alerts,
and discussed here- Pigeons, geomagnetic storms, and auroras

And then tried out the real-time maps of storms and whether that would improve his birds performance–

Hi Pam, Since I started using the information that you gave to me, my racing performance has gone up drastically. My losses are down and my winning is up. I send very few birds when the warnings are high, which result in fewer losses and when it is low I send a few more of the higher pedigree birds and the winnings are up. Thank you very much for your input. I will start racing again in August of this year and will keep you informed as to the results. I will definitely be using this information on my birds during their training this summer also, as I take them out as far as 100 miles on training tosses. thanks again.

Avian Navigation (pdf file)
Roswitha Wiltschko and Wolfgang Wiltschko
The Auk 126(4):717–743, 2009.
American Ornithologists’ Union, 2009. Special Reviews in Ornithology

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2 responses to “Sun storms and pigeon racing – the results

  1. Wow! This is an amazing article! I’m a pigeon racer and I’ve got a MSci in Physics and Astrophysics so this is an amazing study, thanks!

    I’ve just started a pigeon racing website here: pigeon lofts and wondered if I could repost this on there?

    I’ll give you full credit and link back to this site, of course!

    I can’t believe that my astrophysics degree has actually become relevant to pigeon racing, this is astonishing… honestly, this post is brilliant, thank you!

    – Will

    Sorry– you were caught in the spam trap. You can certainly post excerpts or your own summary then post a link back to this original post. I’d rather the entire post were not re-posted. There are a couple of other posts, linked internally, too.

    These birds are pretty amazing.


  2. It’s nice to find a good information source about pigeon racing. It’s fascinating to see some deep scientific principles applied to the activity, especially given the measured improvements where the data was taken into account.

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