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FEMA Emergency Management Institute

Here is the reference to the FEMA institute. They have a number of interesting references and suggestions, especially for training emergency managers. [I hope they include the basic human science, anthropology. See Getting Results from Your Experts] One goal of … Continue reading

Utility of an alternative bicycle commute route of lower proximity to motorised traffic in decreasing exposure to ultra-fine particles, respiratory symptoms and airway inflammation — a structured exposure experiment Background: Bicycle commuting in an urban environment of high air pollution is known as a potential health risk, especially for susceptible individuals. While risk management strategies aimed to reduce motorised traffic emissions exposure have been suggested, limited studies have … Continue reading

Anthropology — significance for authentic change

I asked one of the anthropology newslists to publish Ann Dunham’s bibliography. In the meantime, this article provides a bit of context for the current election season. “Anthropological perspective” is difficult to define, but if one is lucky enough to … Continue reading

Most popular in 2007, 2008 YKWP (boring post)

[This is a housekeeping entry.] I suspect many readers visit for specific posts and others are using feed readers for posts and comments. While the blog format is very flexible for information and discussion it’s technical restrictions are a little … Continue reading

[N.B. thimk] How effective will Alaska windfall rebates be?

[thimk, nota bene: my 2 cent opinion] Senate Bill 289 would allow middle-income Alaskans to get grants and loans to make their homes more energy efficient. The bill is sponsored by Senator Lyman Hoffman of Bethel. This will certainly be … Continue reading

What’s next in AK erosion? Read Katrina’s saga

The Unorganized Borough can’t wait for others to prepare for us. Why? Track the entries at The Voices of New Orleans, especially for the terms FEMA and Army Corps (and for Newtok, Alaska). The archive list of titles is … Continue reading

Researcher in the Unorganized Borough

This is an interesting doctoral study by someone who is now in Bethel teaching at the Kuskokwim Campus. He is a most welcome addition to the region’s knowledge bank. This first section is from the ever useful which is … Continue reading

September dates

September is National Preparedness Month For more info on National Preparedness Month visit or I don’t know of any Citizen Corps in the Unorganized Borough, do you? As September approaches Citizen Corps and are gearing up for … Continue reading

Contents by title, 2007july24

This supersedes the previous contents listing 2007apr26 1918 pandemic in Polynesia and Fiji (small island developing states) 2 ways to start learning about environmental impact assessment 2005 Census Stats Released 2006 AK Bird Study Map 2006 April 13 Summit 2007 … Continue reading

Top 50 reading list for emergency management

This list comes from FEMA through the Episcopal Emergency Network a news group at Yahoo!. For more information about church groups and preparedness (not just for Episcopalians) contact Richard F. Ohlsen, Director of Domestic Disaster Preparedness and Response, Episcopal … Continue reading