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Mr Purell, City Clerk

I found Mr Purell at the Bethel City Clerk’s office, a great idea, Sandra. Someone is thinking of others! and practicing preparedness. [and reading | New employer business preparedness resource |/] GoJo PURELL Pal Desk Holder is available … Continue reading

How to avoid swine flu H1N1, or any other, quick list

Just visited western Massachusetts, Amherst area. None of the stores (including Whole Foods) and doctors’ offices, medical centers, or retirement places that I saw had any hand sanitizer available for visitors. It doesn’t take much to provide a safe reminder … Continue reading

Happy New Year [pinch-and-punch]

Most important blog event of the year 2008 seems to have been sometime between 28 August and 29 August, I guess. [where is Nowhere, Alaska ] Months and Years stats Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct … Continue reading

Most popular in 2007, 2008 YKWP (boring post)

[This is a housekeeping entry.] I suspect many readers visit for specific posts and others are using feed readers for posts and comments. While the blog format is very flexible for information and discussion it’s technical restrictions are a little … Continue reading

Briefs 5 (biocultural factors, flu science, soap)

//engtech at Internet Duct Tape has a variety of useful tools for productive research, one of which is to automatically bundle together stuff he has noted elsewhere for a weekly post at his blog. I haven’t quite mastered this yet … Continue reading

CDC guideline for hand hygiene in health-care settings

I’m not sure how I missed this reference. It appeared in the Morbidity Mortality Weekly Report Recommendations and Reports, October 25, 2002 / 51(RR16);1-44 They provide a glossary, an interesting historical summary, a precís of skin, evaluation of behavioral changes, … Continue reading

Clean Hands Week: How will you celebrate?

[deadline September 16-22 2007] Handwashing for Life has three interesting, but different websites to explore. UK website USA website South Africa website Clean Hands Week Puts Focus on Scrubbing Listen to this story… All Things Considered, September … Continue reading

Contents by title, 2007july24

This supersedes the previous contents listing 2007apr26 1918 pandemic in Polynesia and Fiji (small island developing states) 2 ways to start learning about environmental impact assessment 2005 Census Stats Released 2006 AK Bird Study Map 2006 April 13 Summit 2007 … Continue reading

Do men wash their hands?

Just in time for Mr Purell goes to City Hall comes this item from the BBC Many ‘ignore basic home hygiene’, Handwashing More than two thirds of people do not comply with basic hygiene principles – and men are the … Continue reading

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