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Sun storms and pigeon racing – the results

One reader races pigeons. He originally asked about Geomagnetic storm alerts, and discussed here- Pigeons, geomagnetic storms, and auroras And then tried out the real-time maps of storms and whether that would improve his birds performance– Hi Pam, Since … Continue reading

Updates on bird flu results, USA AK (HEDDS)

HPAI Early Detection Data System (HEDDS) It’s only been just a little while since the official bird flu testing results in the USA have been provided in a much easier format to receive and review. This is very good news. … Continue reading

Results Birds and Influenza from Asia into Alaska

Winker K, McCracken KG, Gibson DD, Pruett CL, Meier R, Huettmann F, et al. Movements of birds and avian influenza from Asia into Alaska. Emerg Infect Dis [serial on the Internet]. 2007 Apr [date cited]. Available from Abstract Asian-origin … Continue reading

Results: 2006 Alaska Avian Influenza Surveillance

News Release 2006 Alaska Avian Influenza Surveillance Wrap-up Available: No H5N1 Found News Releases Home Page, Contacts, Bruce Woods (907)786-3695 In 2006, Alaska Department of the Interior agencies were tasked with testing more than 15,000 birds for the highly pathogenic … Continue reading

Accessible bird results

Accessible results (still not the complete data). I converted the pdf flyer from USFWS see previous results, maybe Sample Scheme | Region | Samples | Low Path AI Spring Subsistence YK Delta 2,846 34 Seward Peninsula 773 12 St Lawrence … Continue reading

results, maybe

Officials confirm no sign of bird flu from Alaska tests The Associated Press Published: January 9, 2007 Last Modified: January 9, 2007 at 04:24 PM JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) – There were no signs of the deadly H5N1 strain of bird … Continue reading

Where is… bird test results

Kind of. At least one can find the totals, after 4 months. Avian Flu Detection Information on Wild Birds Available The public can now view a Web site showing current information about wild bird sampling for early detection of … Continue reading

YKHC: H5N1 bird test results

I’m glad YKHC included the reference to where one can sign up directly for the Fish & Wildlife news releases. 2006-07-28 Turns out this is not a valid address for the list-serv and the Alaska regional news service evidently no … Continue reading

Test results (maybe)

This just came in through my Google news alert. I cannot find any mention on the state’s flu pages. or here or here “Article Last Updated: 06/09/2006 12:49:03 PM AKDT Bird testing in Alaska reveals no sign … Continue reading

Getting Results from Your Experts

I put this list together for the USDA Natural Resources & Conservation Service in 2002 from my earlier handouts. It is a listing of references I recommend to communities and other professionals concerned with public involvement. This isn’t a comprehensive … Continue reading