Karen Fluegel, former teacher at the Moravian Children’s Home and retired manager of the Moravian Book Store, recommends reading these books. They should be available at the Kuskokwim Consortium Library.

  • Chills and Fever: Health and Disease in the Early History of Alaska
  • by Robert Fortuine. 1989. Publisher: University of Alaska Press. ISBN: 0912006587 (an excellent book)

  • Alaska’s Search for a Killer: A Seafaring Medical Adventure 1946-1948
  • by Susan Meredith with Kitty Gair and Elaine Schwinge. 1998. Published by Alaska Public Health Nurses Assoc. (about the ship of nurses which visited Villages, 1946-48) 0-965984-91-5, http://www.uaf.edu/uapress/books/AlaskasSearchforaKiller.htm

  • Eskimo Medicine Man
  • by Otto George. Publisher: Oregon Historical Society (1978). ISBN: 0875950620 (based at Akiak PHS hospital before it moved to Bethel).

  • Frontier Physician: The Life and Legacy of Dr. C. Earl Albrecht
  • by Nancy Jordan. 1996. Publisher: Epicenter Pr. ISBN: 094539750X (first Alaska health commissioner).

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