Real time Bering Sea ice pack extent

2007-03-29 Bethel and the YK Delta is the spot just right and up from the center of the image. It is easier to see on the larger image. The perspective here is almost vertical above Beringea (where Russia and the US almost touch). In winter, the purple/maroon color is sea ice and the white is snow-covered land. Unless one has a variety of color-blindness; I’m not sure what contrasts there would be.

2007-04-03 Watch the patch of grey over the YK Delta expand as our top layer of recent snow melts back.

Lots of other neat stuff from the cryosphere (north and south), including the detailed ice conditions. They also have the archived data and maps to show the changes in sea ice over the years.

This website is a portal to recent research related to Arctic climate and climate change at the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Illinois.

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