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This seems like a good idea. The following is a listing in reverse chronological order (oldest first) of post titles here at Grassroots Science. [While the blogging software provides a default chronological listing of posts, it is not in a single entry.] technically, I guess this is a table of contents for the web log.

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The doctor is in

Local alcohol prohibition, police presence and serious injury in isolated Alaska Native villages

Google news proxy measure – H5N1 public involvement

Where is Bethel (year 2050)

48 flu flyway

Foreign Flu Flyway Where is Bethel Alaska

Where is Y-K Alaska

No one should approach the temple of science

Richest cities in the U.S. (Bethel)

RE: Google news proxy

Where is Y-K Alaska

Where is Y-K Alaska

Where is Y-K Alaska (NASA)

Where is Y-K Alaska (Google map)

Where is Y-K Alaska (Arctic region)

U.S. National Flu Report

Professional Literature (H5N1)

Is it a legit source of info? Whois

Risk Communication: self-instruction course

Blogging Bird Flu: Can We Out-Collaborate a Pandemic?

Flu wiki

USDA to Web-cast briefing on avian influenza situation Monday

Prevention– CDC Cover Your Cough

Healthy Habits keep you well

Tips that can help you avoid avian influenza (Bird Flu), WHO SE Asia

Kuskokwim, western Alaska bird hunters

Alaska information sources

news portals

language of fear

Cangerlaagpiit (Epidemics) — historical lessons

Local news portals

Why smart people defend bad ideas

Yesterday’s webcast news update

YK Bird Study Protocol

Help wanted – distribute hunters pamphlet

State residents asked not to hoard tamiflu at home

A Few Facts about Avian Influenza in Alaska

Influenza Virus Resource (GenBank)

Alaska State Pandemic Portal

Influenza vaccine: Could good enough be better than perfect?

Timeline of Human Flu Pandemics

What children do (water forum)

Getting Sick Stinks!

Why cover sneezes? Where is Y-K resources 2006 AK Bird Study Map

Bird Flu: Communicating the Risk, Sandman & Lanard

Schools Told to Prepare for Bird Flu

Schools checklist — Feds

Local Contacts

Cell barrier shows why bird flu not so easily spread among humans

Bird Flu Talking Points — from elsewhere

Science and medical portals

Pandemic Influenza: The Inside Story

Alaska History reading list

The National Archives: Influenza Epidemic of 1918

World TB Day — March 24, 2006

On the move

Experts will test birds for signs of avian flu

Preparedness checklists — to be modified

Google Earth maps of avian flu spread

Fish Factor By Laine Welch

temporary glitch in viewing with MS Internet Explorer

Business Planning for a Pandemic — Alaska Business Monthly

Making a Ferret Sneeze

Science Updates

Hoaxes Rumors – lookup

Pocket cards with Internet starting points

“Our birds” Polynesia

Hotlines Where in Alaska relative to US 48

YKHC Avian Flu Research in the YK Delta

NDU Quick Guide to Protecting Yourself and Your Family

Quick Guides

Simulation of pandemic spread in partial USA (80 days)

Bird mapping

Pandemic presentation (Rashid Chotani, MD)

Safe Bird Preparation & Cooking

Resources to Understand Epidemiology & Disease Ecology

Glossary keywords tags

Guidelines for special occasion food service

Local Supplies

Government info sources

H5N1 influenza info – for the birders

Masks – Types, Choosing (PPE)

Medical Anthropology in Ecological Perspective

It’s not the plan, it’s the planning.

Sanitizers – Handwashing

CDC Epidemiologic Case Studies

School science lesson plans

CBC and CDC backgrounds on previous pandemics

Where is…. Bethel dust

Alaska bird flu flyer in Yup’ik

Alaska bird flu flyer in English

Cornell bird experts statement

Thought experiments – Forum Debate Rights in a Pandemic


Bird flu hitting TV screens May 9


Getting Results from Your Experts

Journal Science – State of Influenza

Where is …. nearest US capitol

Better to be sick of preparing than unprepared for sickness

Overhead Vs


Disinfectants for camp, field, and household


SciDev Bird Flu Dossier

Ted Stevens Airport & HPAI

Bird Flu Simulation Game

When is… the nearest hospital

Where is… nearest hospital (as one flies)

Sampling Bird Cloaca

Pigs test (Indonesia)

Website Available with Flooding Information

Jay Hammond formula for evaluating development

Questions People Ask

Avian influenza in other animal species

Avian Influenza – Questions & Answers

Questions from Delta Discovery

Tribal Nations Preparing for the Bird Flu

Alaska’s Interagency Public Information Work Group

Complex Bird Flu Testing summary

IHS Pandemic Influenza Planning Checklist Available (Draft)

EU bird testing update (swans)

Be Prepared kits in the BlogHer sphere

raw meat

Liberty Science Center BeringSea blog

Where is… Alaska Air?

Mold Prevention Strategies and Possible Health Effects in the Aftermath of Hurricanes and Major Floods

Test results (maybe)

Officials give tips on dealing with dead birds

Business Emergency Supply Checklist (be Homeland Secure)

Where is… State of Alaska

FYI hantavirus

Where is… Bethel’s Kamchatka Peninsula

Bird flu worries prompt new Alaska animal test law

Anchorage lab certified to test for bird flu

Where is…. Southeast Alaska / Northwest Coast

Where is… Maps In Our Lives RurALCap spring newsletter

What impact will Iraq war call-up have

Poorest places in the United States – Wikipedia

NZ research on birdflu spread

epidemiology of human H5N1 cases reported to WHO

more on Iraq effects

Where is…. Bethel from Pyongyang

Alaska wants enough doses to cover a fourth of the population

What he knew in 1918 could save millions of lives today

Where is … Bethel geocodes

Surviving the New Killer Bug (MRSA)

more raw meat Behavioral Hygiene Promotion Research Grants

Where is … duckie invasion

People, Prosperity and the Planet – Searching for Green Technologies

Avian Influenza among NorAm Waterfowl Hunters and Wildlife Professionals

Pacific Regional Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Plan

YKHC: H5N1 bird test results

Evaluate alternative actions

How would the YK Delta respond to a pandemic?

Where is… 1978 mouth of Kuskokwim River

tribal or small scale emergency planning checklists

OSHA guidelines

Disasters come in all forms

First kolea sightings of season

Older people in disasters

Study Explores Social Effects of TB in Southwest Alaska

Cumulative Number of Confirmed Human Cases of Avian Influenza A/(H5N1) Reported to WHO

State Pandemic Influenza Summits

Preparedness Supplies Calendar

Sunlight is key for bird migration Preparedness broadcast

Calls to police are surging in charred community

White House: Lesser Bird Flu May Be Here

2005 Census Stats Released

Jackie Chan in bird flu public service announcement

Rural Solid Waste Management

Where is… bird test results

gathering geese

Where is… another great circle around Bethel

Influenza in Alaska: Senate Hearings (1919)

CDC’s 2006-07 Flu Gallery Materials

Village search tags

Science project — insects

Scientists reveal how H5N1 kills

Swans and planes

Gathering cranes

LPAI (H5N1) in mallards, confirmed from Maryland

Where is… new mapping shows avian flu spreading over time

Planning for Sustainably Prosperous Rural Communities

Medical Reference for Non-Medical Librarians

Of Blogs and Feeds

geomagnetic storm alerts auto handwash timer

Teaching Patients With Low Literacy Skills

Public Health Grand Rounds PanFlu

Where is… Bethel water?

comments for ykalaska.uniblogs.org

Flu-Season Wealth of Vaccine

Alaska history books Bird Flu Virus Infects Pigs in Bali

Second Pandemic Flu Awareness Week

Whooping cough cases on the rise in Southwest Alaska

655,000 or 48,000 Iraqi deaths

Shrinking ponds 2

more on the Eskimo Guard

Mass dispensing exercise (free flu shots) Oct. 28

SolarChill Vaccine Cooler


Science project — community-based mitigation strategies during an influenza pandemic

Villagers living in bird flu’s flight path

Where is… Kipnuk

Spanish? “flu” info

Kuskokwim “tabletop” exercise

President OKs federal disaster aid

Pew Report: Online Health Search 2006

Avian flu in Bethel and Delta languages

Kuskokwim Tabletop Agenda

Do it in your sleeve

DEC food safety info

Where is … Alaska Native Languages

Look at Your Garbage Bin: It May Be the Only Thing You Need to Know About Statistics

Call For Papers Arctic Delta Environments and Cultural Diversity

Mass Dispensing Exercise proves disaster readiness

NOVA scienceNOW H5N1 and 1918 broadcast

CDL Online Practice Questions

Mining legacy (uranium)

U.N. Says 39.5 Million People Have HIV

2007 workshops frontier mental health research

Fears of bird flu on cranes’ wings

Adaptation Planning in Arctic Communities

Rumor control

flu viruses survive tundra ponds

On-line nutrition course for Inuit communities

Scientists Criticize Bird Flu Search

Another health ranking

Short news notes

Less talk, more action on climate change

Human Dimensions of the Arctic

We provide public understanding so public doesn’t bother

Declan Google map update

Canada revised plan

Calling cards of quackery

Where is Bethel… 2040

Nuclear climate change

Controversies in science: practical advice

Planning for a change (climate)

Many faces of Santa Claus

Alaska Forum on the Environment

Flu history in the South Pacific

more history to follow up

scientists under death sentence

Flu history and research database

Where is Bethel jet stream

Alaska and Eskimo data in 1920 British report

masks an ancient classification of disease

Coastal Erosion Responses for Alaska

help SciDev.Net reach its registration target

H5N1 information website

Influenza in Alaska 1919 Hearings

another sneeze video

Excerpts hearings on Alaska influenza devastation

Dog-Team Doctor 2

On-line health environment (biocultural science and adaptation) bibliography

WHO emergency sanitation guide

WHO WEDC emergency notes

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