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People can search through individual entries (posts) or search by categories of posts or use the search box. But I thought it might also be useful to use pages (such as this) to organize groups of posts on certain topics. At the bottom of this page I have “search site tags” (a new feature to wordpress blog formats). These are terms which should find all posts with those terms in the text (or anywhere else on a webpage). These terms shouldn’t overlap the categories listed in the sidebar, but many probably do as I just started using them. I will try to use the site search terms which I think people might find useful, but please let me know if you are looking for other terms within these posts.

2007-01-19 I have recently added an
Index by Title. Click to view.

Table of Contents is here
Table of Contents

Here are some ideas for information that people may want to study up and contribute back to here.

PPE Personal Protection

  • how to evaluate quality of advertised gear (for example, look for NIOSH label.)
  • types of Masks — Types, Choosing (PPE), gloves
  • where to obtain, local sources
    or elsewhere
  • how to use
  • how to dispose of
  • hand santizers– Sanitizers — Handwashing types and quality
  • sanitation

  • in the house
  • personal
  • communal
  • in the field
  • disposal of inedible parts of game (bury or burn or disinfect then….?)
  • use of bleach or Lysol concentrate or iodine?
  • cooking temperatures?
  • Birds
    A specific category, easier to quickly find bird-focussed information from the human focussed information.

    Reliable sources of info (How to tell the quacks from the quackers. There’s a lot of crackpot, quack, wrong, misleading, regurgitated, inadequate information already)

  • how to tell if it’s a reliable source?
  • or sciencing
    or hoaxes or urban legends

  • governmental
  • non-governmental (NGO) or Quango

    (“quan·go (kwăng’gō) pronunciation n., pl. -gos., An organization or agency that is financed by a government but that acts independently of it. [qua(si) n(on-)g(overnmental) o(rganization).]

    or non-profit

  • commercial
  • local
  • news media
  • refereed or scientific info
  • Maps, Where is…
  • Local Contacts
  • Local Supplies
  • History, previous lessons learned from

  • influenza in 1918
    The National Archives: Influenza Epidemic of 1918 or CBC and CDC backgrounds on previous pandemics or What he knew in 1918 could save millions of lives today
  • influenza in 1950s
  • TB
  • annual fall coastal flooding
  • Help wanted for collaboration

  • spring bird hunters and US FWS
  • students to prepare local handouts
  • oral history
  • identify existing community emergency plans
  • ⇒ Quick guides or guidelines

    Questions needing follow-up

    Haz Com or hazard communication, risk communication

  • H5N1 FAQ ( Questions from Delta Discovery) for the Kuskokwim Nushagak Yukon region
  • [If you see a group of dead or sick birds, especially if something you notice seems unusual, call 1-866-5-BRDFLU, (1-866-527-3358).]

    14apr2006 revised state alert notice To report dead or sick birds, where no obvious cause is apparent, call the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service hotline at 1-866-5-BRDFLU (1-866-527-3358). Do not handle birds found sick or dead!


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