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afternoon temperatures
in degrees Fahrenheit. This TV map comes from the following link and should be updated automatically. “Afternoon” refers to 5 PM Alaska Time (-9 hours UTC)

The TV map doesn’t stay live for very long so here is an alternative from the same folks as the Jet Stream.

It is a little more cluttered (more than temperatures displayed) but is a 24-hr map. Temperatures are in degrees F but when it’s cold enough, Celsius overlaps.

Each weather map for Alaska shows (when available):
(1) Plots of surface weather station reports, including:
o wind speed (in knots) and wind direction;
o cloud cover;
o temperature and dew-point temperature (both in degrees Fahrenheit);
o sea-level pressure (coded, in millibars); and
o current weather (represented symbolically, if included).
During summer and early fall during daylight hours, some images also include:
(2) A GOES-West visible satellite image.

current conditions SFSU

USAToday doesn’t believe Alaska and Hawaii are part of the United States. Neither does the American Meteorological Society (no wonder it is so difficult finding work from Bethel. We don’t exist! Where is Bethel?)

USAToday weather questions are good.

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