Where is… breakup, finally

I had this timed to go live on May Day, but as folks in the Interior are getting antsy about the Nenana (tributary to the Yukon) breaking up soon, I let it go early.

Click on map to go to the larger image in a new browser tab.

Pilots see this

The River Watch Program is…

* A voluntary program asking pilots to report observed river conditions
* Requesting observations that can be obtained without deviation from the normal route or flight level
* Serving the purpose to assist the NWS in providing accurate forecasts, warnings, and navigation information
* Suggesting that the standard method of reporting is to submit pilot report to FAA’s Flight Service Stations by radio

River and lake ice observations can be provided to the Alaska-Pacific River Forecast Center (APRFC) via :

* Radio AFSS with observations for inclusion in a PIREP
* Phone at 1-800-847-1739
* email report and/or photos using link on this page”

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One response to “Where is… breakup, finally

  1. It’s gone: the tripod stops the clock
    The tripod on the Tanana River at Nenana tripped the clock Friday at 3:47 p.m. Alaska Standard Time. Most clocks in the state read 4:47 p.m. — Alaska Daylight Time — when ice moved the wooden tripod enough to end the annual guessing contest, but Alaska Standard Time is used on the tickets to designate […]


    If you click on the map above it will open the larger version in anew tab. Then find the triangle of dots in the middle of the state. The left triangle corner is Nenana. Click on that and you will see last year the ice went out on May 7. You can view the earlier data, also.

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