The issue of whether increased #prohibition would “cure” the Alaska #alcohol problem was in the news in 2005 (and 2015 and ….). [See earlier posts here, https://ykalaska.wordpress.com//?s=alcohol]

The claim was and is that banning alcohol–its sale and possession–would prevent misuse and violence. There is a concomitant argument that peoples “new” to alcohol haven’t learned how to “handle” it, unlike Old World peoples. There is also the argument that Asians or (Alaska) Natives are biologically unable to “hold” their liquor.

Many Alaska communities and authorities argued and argue that only banning alcohol will work. Bethel, Alaska is again arguing the issue. https://www.facebook.com/bumsted/posts/10204895458655382

I decided in 2005 to see what evidence exists for that statement/belief.

The evidence is alcohol abuse is far more complex. Prohibition works only to a point. The Old World has rising rates of binge drinking. People with flush toilets are violent when drunk.

Banning bread making is a desperate measure; people deserve better better decisions.

Look at the data–Prohibition only has limited success, anywhere. Alaska’s attitude that more of the same will work is simply not borne out by studies elsewhere and in Alaska. And erroneous silly statements such as this don’t help except to explain the backwards idea of ignoring data–Prof Wood states

 “These are cultures where people have gone from the Stone Age to the Space Age. Literally, people were living in stone huts and then NASA was visiting them to scope out a runway,” Wood told me. “It’s the same thing with drinking, they don’t have the same culture of drinking that European people have.”

The Atlantic article, Bethel, Alaska, is debating whether decades of restrictions on alcohol have caused more problems than they’ve solved.

The research links below were compiled through Connotea, a scientific bookmarking service from Nature magazine. It had a lot of functionality of the old Del.cio.us but was used by researchers. The collections of others were very useful especially the annotations. Unfortunately, it was closed in 2013 or so but did alert users to download their bookmarks. Zotero has assumed much of the old functions but in addition allows for the saving of web pages and pdfs as they were available. So much of the detail of the Internet has been lost since it’s late 90s early 2000s, in favor of glitzy and temporary. I’m not sure the current Google searches are better than the old Gopher.

Anyway, here is the old library. Some of the links are lost but perhaps the titles can be “googled” to find the articles.

“It is time for the community to mature and no longer be crippled by paternalistic mentalities,” Ana Hoffman, the president of the Bethel Native Corporation, said at a city meeting about alcohol sales earlier this year.

Connotea Alcohol links

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250-363_DOnofrio.pdf (application/pdf Object)

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Comparing Alcohol Policies Between Countries: Science or Silliness?

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Reducing the harms of alcohol in the UK

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Reward Deficiency Syndrome

Six-year sentence dismays victim’s family

Snowmachine injures dog in Mackey’s Sweepstakes team

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