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Oh, for fun. mpb [but also, when the sun is active our television, radio, satellite, telephones, etc. gets disrupted. Twice a year much of Alaska has disruptions because of the orientation of the earth towards the solar winds.]

Solar X-rays: StatusGeomagnetic Field:Status


Forecasting aurora now more precise,
WEB SITE: A new page offers an hour-by-hour forecast for northern lights.


see also (maybe more specific)
“The extent of auroral activity as it is right now and in the recent past may be accessed at http://sec.noaa.gov/pmap/. The extent of auroral activity as it is expected within the next hour can be viewed here – http://www.gedds.alaska.edu/AuroraForecast/ShortTerm.asp

And, an aurora australis map!!

Northern and Southern Hemisphere

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