This should be a real-time alert. Fortunately for our Y-K-N region, we are behind the Aleutians “breakwater”. But the event alert can mean genuine disaster in other parts of Alaska. [We did get an effect from the Boxing Day earthquake of 2005, but no tsunami.] The latest event is marked by the red plus.

Please Note:
This event map page is updated when a Tsunami message is issued. Not all earthquakes result in a Tsunami message being issued. For further information on earthquakes and their associated event information, please refer to the U. S. Geological Survey (USGS) Earthquake Hazards Program web page.

Tsunami earthquake alert map Click on map to go to the larger map.

2010-02-27 Here is an interesting map of historical tsunami, relevant to today’s earthquake in Chile and any impact on Pacific Rim or Bering Sea tsunami–
Map of historical tsunamis in Hawai'i

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