I would like to encourage a school class, maybe history or social studies or language, to collate the best suggestions from the published histories, so we could share them on this site. Here are some examples I had previously run across. Also a suggested reading list (see my comment on this post. Karen Fluegel’s reading list here) Pam

….Nowadays, many people believe that more children could have survived the epidemic, if their parents had known how to care for them. But because they had not encountered this kind of sickness before, many parents did not know what to do. For example, when temperatures of the children became extremely high, many parents did not attempt to cool them down. Some who did survive—and who are still alive today—may owe their survival to parents who had better information about how to care for them…. Lesson II: History of the Cup’ik People
http://www.alaskool.org/ projects/chevak/ chevak/LessonII.html

  • “The Big Sickness” – Influenza epidemic at Wales, Alaska”
    http://arcticcircle.uconn.edu/HistoryCulture/ menu.html
    Comments by Toby Anungazuk, Wales, Alaska, on “The Big Sickness.”