This is an excellent video to show proper sneeze and cough ettiquette AND why that is necessary.

I would encourage schools, tribal offices, VFW, etc to get copies. I think the primary school pupils will especially enjoy the kung-fu-choo! moves (see also

It is also available on-line through Google video.

With colds always around the corner, with tuberculosis on the rise, and with bird flu threatening to impair the health and welfare of the nation, all citizens should adopt proper coughing and sneezing techniques.

This five minute video was designed to encourage people to cough and sneeze according to the infection control guidelines put forth by the Center for Disease Control. It is aimed at the common citizen. Its message is serious, but it is presented with humor in such a way that it engages the viewer’s attention for a full five minutes while the message is repeated in interesting new ways. It can be enjoyed by individuals, but it is even more fun to watch in groups, resulting in community reinforcement. It has been used in hospitals and schools with great success. It actually makes people change the way they cough and sneeze….

DVD Features:

* Full Screen Edition in Stereo
* Simplified Menu
* English with coughs in Spanish and French
* Running time: 5 Minutes
* Region Free

There’s also a blog at

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