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Dr. Fukino beading during lunchDr. Fukino beading during lunch to relax. Click on photo to read story

Dr Fukino seems like a fascinating, knowledgeable, and down-to-earth person. Read her story at

Dr. Chiyome Fukino is ready. Stashed underneath her director’s desk at the state Department of Health is a brand spanking new backpack with roller wheels and a bright plastic Winnie the Pooh keychain. Inside are her bottles of water, leather gloves, Sterno cooking stove and fuel, face masks, saw (for removing fallen branches), flashlight …

Dr. Fukino is not a camping enthusiast. This is her emergency survival pack. And she wants everyone in the state to have one….

“In America we believe the healthcare system is accountable for every life and death,” Fukino says. “In a pandemic, all dibs are off. [emphasis added] The rules change.

“We need to be able to care for ourselves for a long enough period of time so we can muster our forces, otherwise we are in deep kimchee. We are sitting in the middle of the ocean; there is no cavalry coming in from the neighboring states.”

…Every time the virus infects another bird – and it is doing so at a virulent rate – that is one more chance that it will mutate to the point where it becomes infectious among people. With no resistance in the human population, the virus would quickly spread around the globe becoming a pandemic.

…she thinks of how individual people will be affected, not just the businesses and state operations.

How will parents be able to keep working if the schools are closed? she asks. How will people pay their mortgages if the banks are closed? How will elderly people who rely on Meals on Wheels survive if a quarantine is enforced? [emphasis added]

Dr Fukino and backpack
Dr. Fukino with Dr. Morgan Barrett and her emergency pack. Click photo to view story.

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