Mr Purell, City Clerk

I found Mr Purell at the Bethel City Clerk’s office, a great idea, Sandra. Someone is thinking of others! and practicing preparedness. [and reading | New employer business preparedness resource |/]

Mr Purell, City Clerk

GoJo PURELL Pal Desk Holder

is available from stationers and office products catalogs, as well as

The easily available hand sanitizer (and his eye-grabbing blue shoes) serves as a reminder to wash hands to avoid spreading germs to others.

They make a couple of other desktop holders and several bulk containers for public places. Check their website for brochures and posters,

[But really, the best resource for ]

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3 responses to “Mr Purell, City Clerk

  1. I saw two other dispensers in town. The Public Health building was trying one out that stands on a desktop. It looks like an old fashioned milkshake mixer (sort of goose-necked). You place your hands under the top and sanitizer gel is supposed to pour on the your hands. Unfortunately, it isn’t a gel but a liquid, which promptly goes all over the reception desk. The device is triggered by a battery-powered infra-red or optical senor of some sort.

    The other dispenser is a wall mounted one by Purell, at YKHC. It too operates on batteries and resembles the soap dispensers in public lavatories. But instead of pushing a knob, there is a sensor. A blob of gel (real gel) is then deposited in the hand.

    The ones at YK were about tall person height. This discourages children and short adults from playing with it but it also prevents them from using it. The dispenser isn’t labelled and not very distinctive. They are placed in one corner of some waiting areas, but not at the registration window, not at the exits, not at the entrances and exits of interior hallways. However, the Avagard dispenser bottle has a hand pump and is in a bicycle bottle holder attached to walls inside exam rooms. This is a good change (used to be very hard to find the sanitizer around the building.)

    How long do the batteries last (more environmentally useful if non-electric)? Does anyone make a child-usable but not messy in public dispenser?

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