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revised 2009-07-03 A good summary of recent events of former Gov. Palin is Palin Resigns: Exit stage right

revised 2008-10-15 A good summary of Gov. Palin in Alaska is

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The Nushagak River is in the Bristol Bay region (Dillingham is the hub. The link opens in a new window) from which Todd Palin’s family comes.

Our terrific state-wide public radio network is offering a reprise of their hour-long show about Governor Palin. Listen here, AK: Sarah Palin, Revisited

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revised 2008-08-31 Because Gov. Palin has offered her credentials as commander of the National Guard, here is the category for related posts here– Eskimo Guard For those who have read several news stories quoting the Alaska Business Journal Monthly story, March 2007 (? looking for the original article), the end of 2006, on the Governor’s response to the Iraq surge, may be interested in this post, What impact will Iraq war call-up have from June 2006. State governors don’t usually have much involvement in US wars, and naturally would be more interested in state affairs. But this US war has called up our National Guardsmen.

revised 2008-09-04

“Alaska is on the map” is the recent slogan. Actually, Alaska has always been on the map. In fact, all over the map and maps. Click the category maps to find out where all we’ve been put now.

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Read Writing Raven on Sarah Palin and Alaska Native Issues

Mudflats on photos of Wasilla, church in Wasilla, global photogs and newsmedia in Wasilla, et al. Sarah Palin’s Preacher Problem. End Times Coming?

Shannyn Moore, also an Alaska woman, daughter of teachers, “Bitter-Proud”? (hard to read theme so use your own style sheet)

Andrew Halcro, Palin for VP: The S.W.O.T Analysis, who keeps up with bailouts of local dairies, “troopergate”, Governor’s gasline to be built by foreigners.

Good grief. I have overlooked the O’Folks off their Rocker much earlier post  over at —

This is a good summary, from Slate. The Sarah Palin FAQ Everything you ever wanted to know about the Republican vice presidential nominee. By Derek Thompson Posted Thursday, Sept. 4, 2008, at 5:39 PM ET

2008-09-10 Michael Carey has consistently provided balanced and accurate information. Listen to him at NPR,

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